The Process of our Digitally Printed Carpets

  • Digital printed carpets machinery
  • Digital printed carpets machinery

So how do we print?

We’re no ordinary sign making company

The demands of the big brands and big agencies are such that our technology has to be the best and most up to date.

The formula is based on two elements. The latest, high quality carpeting material and the most advanced digital equipment. Add unique knowledge and expertise to the mix and the result is sensational.

Bright, powerful imagery printed on tough, resistant materials - and all produced with spectacular efficiency in record breaking time!

Consider it covered

Space today is at a premium, so we create awareness from each and every angle. You’ll often see our product on TV, bringing international events to life in your sitting room.

This requires total accuracy of colour and clarity, which can only be created by our sophisticated equipment and uncompromising diligence. There are no short cuts or quick fixes here.